Our Values

Our blō outs lift your spirits…


Hi, I’m Caterina.

It’s my joy to welcome you to the blo Out Lounge & Colour Bar. We are a group of humble, talented, caring, and hardworking people dedicated to making a difference in the way you feel about your look. We live and work by our values of service, healing, passion, spirituality, innovation, education, loyalty, and creativity. To constantly remind us of what’s truly important, we printed them prominently on our wall. These are our promises to you about how we conduct ourselves and treat you as our guest.

A beautiful convergence.

We offer the convenience of a blo out bar, as well as affordably luxurious cuts, colour, personal grooming, and holistic wellness services, in our full-service area . We’re not a typical salon. We would like you to think of us as something completely fresh. Let’s call it a hair lounge. Our hair lounge is a place where you’re excited to visit, feel amazing while you’re here, and can’t wait to return. My work plays an incredibly important and positive part in my life. It started with the realization that I’m not in the haircutting business and I’m not in the beauty business. However humble it may be, I’m in the healing business. I’ve seen first-hand the incredible power hair artisans have to help women improve their self-esteem and recognize their self-worth from the inside. The first time I watched one of my guests raise her downcast eyes, look at herself in my mirror, and truly recognize her own perfection—that I had helped her see—I knew this was my calling. Please take a moment to meet our talented team of Artisans. Each has her own specialty, training, artistic vision, and personal story to share. Now that you’ve learned a little about us, we’d love to hear a little about you. If you’re so inspired, please follow me here and drop us a line.

When we connect it’s because of trust.

We trust people who share our values. We come from many walks of life and, even though our paths are not the same, we all share a basic understanding of right and wrong, what’s important, and what feels right. The blo Out Lounge & Colour Bar defines values as, “The principles, standards, and ideals that guide our choices.” We know that by living our values they make us happier better people. These are larger-than-life on our wall and we choose to live by.


To be a servant; to be worthy of reliance or trust.


Curing or curative; prescribed or helping to heal. Growing sound; getting well; mending.


An intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.


The state or quality of being dedicated to God, religion, or spiritual things or values especially as contrasted with material or temporal ones.


Something new or different introduced. The act of innovating; introduction of new things or methods.


The action or process of educating or being educated; also a stage of such a process; the science or art of teaching.


The quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitment, or obligations. A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment, and affection.


The use of the imagination or original ideas especially in the production of an artistic work. Originality, progressiveness, or imagination

the love for blō out is real

I’m a frequent flyer. Like no lie… I come to the lounge like once a week for a blowout. I love the experience, they pamper you and are also so talented. Love coming here and they seriously know how to treat their customers well. #1 fan.

Jamie Sigman